Goldstar Metal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is involved in iron-ore production and mining activities. This division has been operational in the iron rich mines on the Maharashtra – Goa border to extract the finest grade of iron-ore since 2005.


It is a business initiative that has proven to be a feather in our cap. Since inception, their mining activity has been growing.


The quality of Iron ore has always been of top priority, keeping in mind clients’ preferences and requirements. The quality standards of the product and distribution have always been as per expectations. Goldstar Metal Solutions mirrors growth in this segment of the industry on the basis of quality iron ore using our resources, infrastructure and modern technology.


It is our core strength and we use the same to the customers’ advantage.
Our team is a group of professionals from the mining industry that ensures continuous quality control and production.


We are able to supply to the most complex demands and requirements of the clients; with the help of well-navigated, strategically researched locations and required infrastructure.


Maximum focus is given to the process of extraction of high grade iron ore. Heavy mechanical equipments& machines are employed for extraction of ore.


The mining units are at the located in Sindhudurg near Goa & on the border of Maharashtra with the capability to cater volume based requirements. We have thorough hands on high-end distribution and mobility of the material.


All the mines are situated at the locational distance of 20 kms from the nearby Jetty at REDI. This is a perfect location for the trawlers to load the ships in mid-sea.


This provides
• Logistical cost advantage
• Easier movement of Material
• Minimum wastage in transit


We export the material to china and to local exporters in the market.


The company is planning to set up a beneficiation plant and also anpelletisation plant, which will eventually enhance the quality of the ore extracted. This will also assure quality at par with global standards.


The grades of material that we extract are contemporary and as per international standards and they are:
• Iron Ore Fines
• Calibrated Iron ore Lumps

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